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Covid-19 and the Florida Court

The Florida Supreme Court is one of the governing bodies that make decisions related to courthouse closures throughout the State of Florida. The FLSC has entered a number of orders related to the Novel Coronavirus, and sometimes things related to the court change in an instant. There are also orders issued within each judicial circuit by the chief judge of the circuit. This can all get confusing.

Amongst the recent orders (covering things from foreign language interpreters to judicial continuing education), Justice Canady entered orders suspending jury proceedings, allowing witnesses to be sworn in by audio-video communication, and an order canceling “non-essential” court hearings. On March 26, 2020, Justice Canady entered an order creating a list of judges to resolve cases for criminal defendants who are being held in another jurisdiction.

New technology is popping up in the courtroom as well. As Clerks’ offices shut their doors and the Court system struggles to ensure the health and safety of its participants more hearings are being held electronically or telephonically. Things are changing every day.

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