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Why Am I Sitting in Jail for Child Support?

When child support is ordered by a judge there can be serious consequences for missed payments. Suddenly not paying a financial obligation is contempt of court. But wait – I didn’t say or do anything rude in court. How is this contempt? Unfortunately any time you don’t follow exactly what a judge has ordered you to do you could face contempt.

Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 61.14 governs enforcement of child support and alimony. That rule says that it’s presumed that you can pay the child support ordered at your original child support hearing. Therefore, when you don’t make a payment the court assumes that its willful, and you must prove to the court that you lack the ability to pay.

Contempt of court can be criminal or civil. And there are specific rules that the court must follow in each situation. You have rights within your contempt of court proceeding. Make sure that you have a knowledgeable lawyer during this difficult and confusing time. Call Dunham and Ingram today if you can’t pay your child support.