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What would happen to your estate if you unexpectedly became capacitated because of a serious illness or injury? Are you currently dealing with a similar situation involving a loved one who needs your help? Guardianship matters such as these are never easy to deal with, but having a legal professional guide you through the process can make sense of a legally complicated situation.

Dunham & Ingram, LLC can provide the legal support you need when you are trying to deal with a guardianship matter. Whether you wish to plan for your potential need for a legal guardian or become one for a loved one who needs help, our attorneys can take the guesswork out of these matters with clear and effective legal service. We support our clients on an individual basis, which means you can expect us to respond to your unique needs with custom-tailored service.

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Guardianship Requirements in Florida

A guardian is someone who can legally act on your behalf if you become so sick or injured that you can’t take care of yourself and/or your finances. Legal guardians can make important life decisions for you, care for your minor children, and handle the day-to-day tasks you used to manage. A guardian will have a lot of authority over your life, so you must be sure that you can trust whoever you assign to this important responsibility.

That said, legal guardians in Florida must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a direct descendant of the ward or person in need of a guardian
  • Be directly related to the ward
  • Be married to a direct relative of the ward
  • Has never been convicted of a felony
  • Not currently facing felony charges

Although obtaining guardianship is an easier process when the proposed guardian lives in Florida, those living out of state can also be guardians if the ward’s needs can be handled remotely. As an example, someone in need of a guardian to manage their finances doesn’t necessarily need the guardian to live in Florida.

What Kind of Paperwork Is Involved in Obtaining Guardianship?

There are three key forms that may need to be completed if you are a loved one who is seeking guardianship over another individual.

These forms are as follows:

  • Petition to Determine Capacity: A written argument that demonstrates why an individual requires a guardian. Medical records and other evidence that show the existence of physical or mental disabilities may be pertinent.
  • Petition for the Appointment of Guardian: A form required when an individual wishes to assign someone else as their guardian.
  • Application for Appointment as Guardian: A form required when an individual wishes to be selected as the guardian of someone else.

Of course, court filings related to guardianship matters are much more complex than we can succinctly describe here. The best way to ascertain what could be involved in your guardianship matter is to work with a guardianship attorney in Gainesville.

Why Do Our Clients Choose Us?

By choosing Dunham & Ingram, LLC, you gain access to legal advocates who can walk you through the entire guardianship petition process and help you work toward achieving your goals. Each client can expect a personalized experience with us, which means we’ll take their unique situation into account as we develop a customized legal strategy.

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