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Do you know what to expect during a DUI stop?

As a young person, you may not always understand your rights when it comes to dealing with a legal issue. For instance, if an officer charged you with drunk driving, you may wonder whether that officer conducted the stop and carried out procedures in the appropriate way. You may also wonder what you should do next in order to deal with the charges brought against you. Gaining information on laws, procedures and defense options may assist you in this predicament.

By understanding some basic information regarding DUI stops, you may feel more confident when dealing with the allegations.

Field sobriety tests

After an officer stops your vehicle, if he or she suspects impairment, that individual will likely ask you to perform field sobriety tests. These tests could range from having you walk in a straight line to reciting the alphabet backward, which could prove difficult under any circumstances for some people. As a result, these tests have a subjectivity that you could challenge in court if an officer attempts to use the results as evidence.

Chemical tests

After field sobriety tests, the officer may have asked you to submit to a breath test. Police often use this test to determine blood alcohol levels, and if the percentage level exceeds the legal limit, DUI charges typically result. Other chemical tests could also go into use, such as blood or urine tests.

You may wonder whether refusing such a test could act in your best interests, because without the results of the test, police have less evidence. However, refusing to take a test could result in immediate consequences, such as driver's license suspension.


You may also worry about the penalties you could face if a conviction takes place. However, the outcomes of the sentencing can depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Previous DUI violations
  • Presence of minors
  • Additional moving violations
  • Whether property damage or personal injury occurred
  • Your age at the time of the incident

If successful, your defense could help you avoid penalties altogether.

Criminal defense

After any allegation has been brought against you, you have the right to create a criminal defense against the charges. Because you undoubtedly want to ensure that you have the correct information for addressing your case, you may wish to gain professional assistance. Speaking with an experienced Florida attorney could help you obtain reliable information as well as an advocate willing to fight for you.